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Combichrist / Aesthetic Perfection / God Module / iVardensphere [Nov. 3rd, 2010|01:18 am]
The Official LJ Combichrist Army


Sunday November 7th 2020<
Combichrist / Aesthetic Perfection / God Module / iVardensphere
The Music Box Theater - 6126 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood CA 90028
All Ages

Tickets can be purchased in person at Das Bunker this Friday (no service charge), in person from the Music Box Theater (small service charge), or online or via phone from Groovetickets.com (small service charge. Tickets will also be available at the door day of show.

Doors open at 7pm, and presale ticket buyers will be admitted first. Early arrival and advance ticket purchase is highly recommended but not necessary.

Following Combichrist's performance there will be a after party on site featuring DJ Bractune! Anyone attending the event is invited to stay for the party.

Now about the bands. We could talk about Combichrist forever, but we'll keep it short. They have quickly gone from the dark and heavy solo project from the Icon of Coil front man to the fastest growing Industrial act in over a decade. Andy LaPlegua and company spent the majority of the last year touring huge stadiums across Europe with Rammstein, and not it's time to unleash the most intense stage show our scene has ever witnessed on North America. As evidenced by the latest album "Making Monsters", Combichrist has taken both their recorded and live sound to a whole different level - one that is harder, darker, yet more mature and complex than anything they have done before. Los Angeles has been lucky enough to witness every step in the evolution of Combichrist and this Sunday you have the opportunity to see what kind of monster they have become.

There are also numerous special guests lined up for this show (we aren't the entertainment capital of the world for nothing), and while we can't say who they are, we can say that they are from both some of the most well known Industrial acts of all time and then some.

And the support acts on this bill are nothing to sneeze at either. Aesthetic Perfection has been doing nothing but taking over dance floors and destroying stages since the release of their last album, and as the last tour before their new album you can expect nothing less than AP's best this time around. And just to give you a taste of the future of Aesthetic Perfection, not only will they be playing their brand new single live but they are also giving it away for free on their website (aesthetic-perfection.net).

But like the gift that keeps on giving, this is the show line up that doesn't stop. God Module is also performing live this Sunday, bringing their blend of hard ebm and spooky dance music to The Music Box.

And rounding out the bill is a band that you may not be familiar with - but you should and you will! iVardensphere brings a mix tribal and dance beats (think This Morn' Omina meets Noisuf-X with a bit of old school thrown in) with a killer live show.

And we haven't even mentioned the venue yet! After years doing shows as the Henry Fonda Theater, The Music Box re-launched this spring as LA's premier live showcase venue. No detail has been spared and you could easily spend the first hour of the event just looking at the wonderful remodeled interior. But that wouldn't give the place nearly the credit it deserves - as the new sound and light system will without a doubt be the best you have ever heard in your life.

So there you have it. Come early (seriously, you don't want to miss iVardensphere) and stay late (DJ Bractune!) This will be THE signature Industrial event of the year and there is nothing that can replace feeling of community that comes with attending a Industrial scene event in a packed house at a premier event. This is why we do these events. And we hope you can be a part of this.

See you Sunday (and hopefully Friday).